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How to choose a niche to market to.

Choosing a nicheRemove term: how to choose a niche market how to choose a niche market

Monetize your niche.

During this grand process of becoming the premier affiliate marketing guru on your block, there are 5 basic skills you need to learn to become an effective affiliate marketer.

  1. How to choose a niche for your website.

  2. How to write good content for your website.

  3. Choosing keywords and learning the ins and outs of SEO.

  4. Attracting followers through social media and other avenues

  5. Monetizing your website

Today we will cover choosing a niche, as this is what will drive your choices in the next four phases. A niche is your segment of the market.  So you want to earn a little extra money on the internet.  There are literally millions of niches you can choose from, and all of them can earn you money.

What exactly is a niche, you say?  This is your little square kilometer/mile of real estate in the vast expanse of business commerce in the world of online marketing.

If you envision walking through a shopping mall, you will see a range of stores from little mom-and-pop shops selling baseball caps in the back corners to huge three-floor anchor department stores selling items as diverse as bedding and business suits.Choosing a niche, how to choose a niche market

And, of course, just like the mall example, if you start out trying to sell everything imaginable, not only will your audience be billions of internet users, your competition will be millions of other websites. You’ll fall flat of your face in about the time it takes to order your first bed sheet.

You’re not going to become Amazon overnight.  So start small, learn how to choose a great niche you will enjoy working with while you’re learning how to create your website.

Your niche is going to be something you are interested in.  You’re going to take your interest or expertise and develop a website around that interest.

It should be something you are passionate about.

It can be about dogs, or cats, or quality pet food.  It can be about baseball, or football, or vintage sports memorabilia.  Take out a piece of paper and write down the top ten aspects of your life that you care about most.

Maybe it’s your kids, maybe it’s your elderly parents.  Maybe it’s your fossil collection or your passion for knitting baby booties.  Any one of these can be a great niche.Choosing a niche, how to choose a niche market

One of the examples in the Wealthy Affiliate training is a person who sells NFL football snack helmets.  The helmet holds the chips and the dip, and can have the logo of any team in the National Football League!

Another successful affiliate marketer started out marketing an over-the-counter colic cure for babies because her own daughter had trouble with colic.  She was passionate about taking care of her family.  Whichever niche you choose, it should start out as small as possible.

So an example of your top ten list could be this:

There are endless possibilities.

The next step is to keep your niche small enough to be able to be the big fish in a small pond.  You will be writing about your niche, which means you will also be doing some research on the subject.

Say you look down the list and choose dogs as your starting point.  That in itself can be broken down into many niches, do you want to cover nutrition, training, puppy care, home health remedies and when to see a veterinarian or a long list of other aspects of dog ownership.Choosing a niche, how to choose a niche market

The process of choosing a niche is basically taking a broad subject, dogs, and boiling it down into a small enough niche to avoid having too big of an audience to appeal to.

For example, breaking down the subject of dogs, to how to feed your dog a high quality, low filler dog food, as opposed to an inexpensive generic dog food. Your niche can then be served by marketing a few examples of good quality foods.

You’re going to be taking your niche and showing your audience everything they need to know about that subject through posting essays and combining appropriate pictures and videos of the subject.

You’re going to be showing them how to solve a problem.

Such as the colic cure, or how to enjoy their own passion, hence the snack helmets.  You will be searching advertisers such as Amazon, CJ Affiliate, Pet Smart, and any number of smaller suppliers, hundreds of thousands of choices.

You’ll find the products you want to include in your posts, you’ll be writing reviews of products, and comparing them with other products in order to allow your audience to choose which product is best for them.Choosing a niche, how to choose a niche market

Your audience may want to choose the higher quality product or the lower priced product, and you’ll be giving them the opportunity to choose for themselves, by offering both.

They get educated on the products, you get whichever choice they make.   All of this will come from your passion and interest, your niche.

So if you aren’t particularly fond of pizza, then pizza might not be a good choice for a niche.  Unless, of course, your niche is cooking and you have an idea of how to improve a pizza!

Now, let me take you to a GREAT list of niches that may help you with your choice.  Hidden in the hallowed pages of the Wealthy Affiliate website, there is an excellent tidbit of information tucked away.  One of the 800,000+ subscribers to Wealthy Affiliate has compiled a list of 1001 niche ideas.  

Loes is an excellent affiliate marketer in her own right because she creates training on exactly the subjects she struggled with and stood in HER way to becoming the premier affiliate marketer on her block.

She is one of the experts in the field!  Read here the list of niches she’s come up with.  You’re more than welcome to skim over her list to give yourself ideas of what you would like to use as your niche, your little square of real estate in the internet affiliate marketing world.

Next Step, find out how to write good content for your website


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