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There is a new self help system available that offers a program catered to people who are making the transition from owning a business to retirement, and a program for people who do not own a business and are retiring.  It’s called The Platinum Years.

Being a baby boomer sometimes means you kinda sit back, relax, and take it all in before getting excited about anything.

That comes from life’s experiences and knowing you do have choices and the quicker you try to choose between two paths, the quicker it will be evident that you not only had better choices, but you should have chosen one of those.

The other side of that coin is lingering on a decision with a whole slew of choices and being afraid to make a choice. Sometimes when you don’t make a choice, that choice is made for you by the simple fact that all the other choices dry up. Then you are put on the defensive trying to save whatever semblance of the situation made sense, and are relegated to a totally different path.  That’s called being reactive.

And that brings us to the word of the day! Proactive, as in, do not be reactive in your life, be proactive. Sit back, relax, take it all in, but make a choice. What have you got to lose? If you make the wrong choice, will you be worse off than if the wrong choice is MADE for you? It’s still the wrong choice, the benefit to YOU making it instead of it being made for you is that YOU HAVE CONTROL of your life!

Having control of your life is the biggest key to happiness. We baby boomers are WELL aware of that conundrum, as we are all facing that situation on a nearer and ever approaching future than twenty years ago. It means you do the steering, and yes, you will make the wrong choice, everyone does, but with every wrong choice is the feeling that you in fact control your destiny.

Every wrong choice brings with it wisdom. So that the NEXT time you make a choice, you will be that much more knowledgeable about the process of making choices, what choices there are, and what you want the outcome to be. Soon you will be an expert at making choices for yourself.

You will be in control of your life. And you will be much happier in life than when you didn’t make choices for yourself. Sometimes doors of opportunity open up right before your eyes and you can be proactive and take the door and walk through it into a new world! And if by chance you’ve made a few mistakes and are good at making choices, the door you walk through could be over the top positive!

A new way of life, new friends, new experiences, that you would not have been able to see and do. Sometimes those doors hit you right between the eyes but you don’t believe it. Because you’ve been told by others, do not make choices for yourself. Guess what, they aren’t you. They do not know what is best for you, They are good at making choices for themselves but they cannot know who you are at the core. Only you can make those choices, and walk through those doors. Only you can take full credit for walking through those doors. And only you can benefit from the knowledge of what works for you.

Do you remember the scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where he has to step out into the chasm, the last trial before entering the Chamber of the Holy Grail. And he crosses his arms and takes the step… onto the bridge that looks just like the side of the rock wall on the other side. This scene highlights being proactive to the pinnacle. His father is dying, so he has three choices. He can turn back, giving up on his quest and choosing to ensure his father’s death. He can stand there and let fate make the choice for him, that of his father dying, which is still, his choice. And the third choice… is being proactive, going for it, not knowing the outcome. Will he fall to his death? Will he somehow miraculously float across the chasm? He didn’t see the outcome before he made the choice, he trusted in his own judgement, knowing full well, whatever happened, he’d be responsible. Excellent choice, I might add!

Being proactive, if you’ve been hesitant to do so, is difficult to start doing, no one said it would be easy. But with every proactive choice, right, wrong or indifferent, it does get easier. Interesting things happen in your life. You become self-sufficient. You develop an attitude that what may come, will be okay, because you made the choice. Your self-esteem goes up as you realize you can make whatever choice needs to be made, you can make it with intelligence, knowing that even if it’s wrong, you made it, you own it and you own your life.

Being wrong is only human. Most people who are afraid of being wrong, are extremely judgemental of other people, if you make a wrong choice, they want you to know it and they want to punish you for it.

Think back to the best job you’ve had in your life.  Chances are, your manager was the type of person who knew people would make mistakes, and didn’t get overly concerned when someone did. Another thing that manager was probably good at was letting people have enough rope to trip over, but not enough to hang themselves with. If they trip on it, they learn how to get back up, they learn how high to jump next time, and they learn how NOT to do it. If they hang themselves they won’t learn a thing.

Society and the media try to teach us not to be proactive, to transfer our trust to any and all other disinterested parties. We can’t choose our toilet paper, we NEED this brand. We NEED this kind of car to protect our family, because all other cars are not legislated to the safety standards of a bull elephant, so someone might get hurt! Heaven forbid if we should make the wrong choice, we could be financial or societal outcasts! The next time you are indecisive about something, pull out a blank piece of paper, make two columns, list all the pros on one side and all the cons on the other.

Then you can be PROACTIVE and make a good choice in a timely manner.  You won’t get stuck being reactive.  You’ll be in control of the situation, in control of your life, and that is how Baby Boomers live happily ever after!

I have found a program that could help you on your journey to being proactive.  It has two different programs, one for business owners and one for non-business owners.  It’s called The Platinum Years.  If you feel you are ready for more direction please visit the site.

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