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Or How To Transition To Retirement.

how to transition to retirement


Price: Self Assessment Module is $299 and includes both books. Upgrades are available.

Owners: Jack Beauregard and Paul Cronin

Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

Do you know someone who is getting ready to retire?  Do they REALLY know how to transition to retirement? Maybe a little coaching is in order!

Of course, everyone is worried about the financial aspect.  But what about the human aspect of retiring?  What will we do, how will we act, where will we go?

We all, as we leave the workforce, must change our perspective of who we are and what our purpose here on Planet Earth is, from being a gainfully employed individual to being a retired individual.  Most of the time, this is not an easy transition, and up until now, there wasn’t much in the way of planning and instruction on how to do this.

Most of us have fathers or mothers who, upon retirement, moved into a retirement home, planted themselves on the chair in their room, and stayed there.  Day in and day out, waiting for the inevitable.  Or had parents or grandparents who were going to go travel and enjoy life, only to realize they had no idea where to travel to or what to enjoy.  Here is an innovative new program that may well head that prospect off for the next generation of retirees.

The Platinum Years, Product Overview

The Platinum Years is a retirement transition program for figuring out what your direction in life will be, once you retire.  This program has two modules, one for the business owner who is in the position of turning a well-established business over to the next owners, and a module for the person who has been successfully employed throughout their career life and is now crossing that bridge into retirement.

how to transition to retirement

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

This program will assist everyone, men and women alike, in successfully navigating the transition from gainfully employed to gainfully retired.

Assistance in the process is abundant.

There are three ways of completing the program, self-directed learning, through workshops, and with a personal advisor.

FREE self-assessments, guides and chapter downloads on the website.

The Bad:

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, advisors are few and far between across the US, so finding one to personally sit down with will be difficult.

This program is new enough that some modules are not available yet.

Who is The Platinum Years for?

This program is for men and women alike, whether they have a business or not, who are on the verge of reaching that crucial life stage of retirement, and is suggested for retiring couples as well. Whether you are 40 or 70, this program can benefit you with setting the tempo of the next 1/3 of your life, that part we’re all working toward.

The Platinum Years Tools & Training

The Platinum Years not only offers full training, but two good books, and three different ways to tackle the information, Self Directed, Workshop Series, and Private Coaching.

The Platinum Years Support

Support is offered through the Platinum Years website,, through private counseling and through workshops.

The Platinum Years Price

At this time the Self Assessment Module is $299, and includes both books, and a 30-minute consultation.  Other modules are available and newer modules are in the works.

Wait, what is this Retirement Transition Coaching?

how to transition to retirement

A bit about Retirement Transition Coaching.  We go through life utilizing the medical industry to get regular check-ups, the dental industry to keep our teeth clean and our mouths healthy, but most of us do not go through life getting any sort of coaching on one of the biggest transitions in our lives, that of retirement.

Retirement Transition Coaching is a much-needed program for today’s retirees, who need to be able to make good decisions about the future of their company as well as their personal direction after retirement.

How can this transition be so difficult?

how to transition to retirement

Self-esteem invariably is boosted by the type of work we do and the successes we experience in working, from meeting and exceeding monthly income goals to yearly employment awards.  Once retired we don’t experience those types of pats on the back, so we need to find a different way to verify and justify our self-worth.

We need to find other ways of proving that we really are an active and valued member of the community.  More and more as the world changes to different ways people interact, such as the advent of social media, we need to have access and take advantage of retirement transition coaching.  One of these programs is The Platinum Years by the Successful Transition Planning Institute.

My Final Opinion of The Platinum Years

This is a great and obviously needed program in today’s social environment.  Retiring isn’t just about where the money will come from to support a successful retirement, but also how the retiree feels personally about self-worth, their position in the community, the transition from socializing with fellow workers to socializing within the retirement community.  The Overall Ranking was lowered due to lack of readily available information on pricing.

The Platinum Years at a Glance…

Name: The Platinum Years


Owners:  Jack Beauregard and Paul Cronin

Price: Self Assessment Module is $299 and includes both books and a 30-minute consultation.  Upgrades are available

Overall Rank: 95 out of 100


This program will teach you how to transition to retirement, help you achieve clarity, find new meaning, explore new opportunities, and discover a new sense of purpose for your life.

Go to the website now and explore where you want YOUR retirement life to go and how to get there!  You can choose the option that best fits your career lifestyle.

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