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Looking for Christian gift stores online? A Christian gift that will match her belief in Him? What would be a truly unique gift for your spiritually driven young lady?

Recently we were informed of a new grandbaby on the way, a baby boy. 

What does that have to do with baptism gifts for girls?  Well, thinking back on our grandchildren we’re sitting at 3 grandsons and 6 granddaughters.  Now I love all of them over the moon, but for me, the little boys are easy to buy for.

Being a man, I can find a TON of stuff for them.  The girls, not so much.  I am at a LOSS. 

NOW I have found a place I can get perfect gifts for my granddaughters and what better way to start than giving them Baptism gifts.  With my fairly recent realization of who He is and what He has done for my life, this is how I want to thank Him, letting the world know of this Gift Shop from the land He actually walked upon.     

What better way to tell the people you love that you not only believe in them, you believe in THEIR faith of Him. And you want to strengthen and promote that faith. What about an olive wood cross from The Holy Land?

baptism gifts for girls
Cross your Heart

Three very important little words…

“Nearer to Thee.” Through items from the area Jesus walked.

From across the world, Integrate Abundance is proud to introduce to you the most unique opportunity of a lifetime.  A Christian gift from the Holy Land.

Where else would you get your loved one a gift equal to the symbol of his or her faith?  The Jerusalem Gift Shop is the largest supplier of Christian gifts from the Holy Land  Their shop, located in Jerusalem, the heart of the Holy Land, has a huge inventory of unique gifts they have provided for you, their valued customers. They’re happy to be your connection to Israel!

christian gift stores online, holy land gift shop, baptism gifts for girls
The Holy Land

These gifts, except for a very few examples, are exclusively crafted in the Holy Land.  This is one of the best Christian gift stores online, if not THEE best. They are not manufactured en masse in China or Taiwan. These gifts are made from actual local olive trees and materials near Jerusalem , resulting in essential oils from local presses, and the best Christian gifts for women from the Dead Sea.

Christian gifts from Israel

Christian and Messianic Gifts from The Holy Land 

Should I take this Leap Of Faith for baptism gifts for girls?

christian gift stores online, holy land gift shop, baptism gifts for girls
Take that Leap Of Faith

These gifts will bring you closer to Him, they are from, and represent, The Holy Land, where Jesus actually walked on this Earth. This is where the New Testament occurred. This is it! And your loved one can touch and feel materials from that Land.

 Anointing Oil from Israel

Shop for cool Christian gifts in Jerusalem for anointing oil made in the Galilee and Jerusalem from Frankincense, Lily of the Valley, Rose of Sharon, Myrrh and Spikenard and other biblical scents mixed with oils from the Galilee region where Jesus walked.

Christian Jewelry from the Holy Land 

Shop for Christian Jewelry from Jerusalem that especially reflects your understanding of God’s Word.  

christian gift stores online, holy land gift shop, baptism gifts for girls

Baptism gifts for girls

The gifts you want, to let them know you love them, and their belief! Quantities are limited, discounts are available, go now and SHOP from your couch in JERUSALEM! - Discover Christian Gifts from the Holy Land

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