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We’ve been working our way through the inroads of Affiliate Marketing, looking for our Destination to Mastery and we’ve come to the Fourth Bridge to Success.We are up to Number 4 of the 5 skills we need to learn to become an effective affiliate marketer.

  1. How to choose a niche market.

  2. How to write good content for your website.

  3. Choosing effective keywords for website SEO.

  4. Using social media to get free traffic to your website.

  5. Monetizing your website

I’m looking for a quick primer right now, will this post give me that?

This post will give you that quick primer as to how to get traffic on your website for free, through the use of social media.  Social media isn’t the be-all end-all method. It’s one method among many.  There are quite a few lessons to learn along this path and delving into the subject is easy if you have access to the training.

Social media is a good way to get your information out to the public.  Some sites, you’ll use to post a quick note directing traffic to your next blog on your website.  Others, you’ll use for interaction, creating a community and otherwise getting involved in your niche. This not only puts your name out there, but is also a great opportunity to learn more about your niche and get ideas for future posts.

How many social media sites do you use?

  • I have three individual social networks I use quite regularly. I have a Facebook page for my niche I am involved in, actually four different business pages, over and above my personal page, and regularly interact with the people in those communities.
  • I have a Pinterest account that I have several boards on and regularly add my posts to any and all boards the post fits with.
  • Lastly I have a Twitter account that I post new blogs to but is in more of a Share-Only mode.

Here is a training post by Kyle Wa concerning the use of social media.

Mastering Social Engagement

How does writing content come into the social media traffic attraction?

Because as you write content, of course you post it on your social media accounts.  This allows you to be in front of your audience every time you write a post.  The more posts, the more times your audience sees you.

One excellent lesson included in Kyle’s training post is the fact that writing content has to be ongoing. Your presence on social media needs to be constantly renewed in order to keep your content in front of your audience. You can’t go out on stage with one post and then two weeks later show up and expect them to remember you.

They are bombarded by a thousand other subjects and posts. Social media is about being visible and being visible frequently. A word of warning, which Kyle expresses, is to be careful with using social media to hang out and not run your business. You’re there to promote it and if you are spending hours a day on social media, it’s not a business, it’s a habit.

What about posting items “just to get visibility”?

Here is a great video by the King of Laidback, Bo Tipton, on getting traffic through Facebook. He does a great job of outlining a schedule and items to post, in order to keep your face out there.  He suggests making memes with famous quotes and posting them on social media regularly.  That gives you even MORE visibility to your audience.

GoGetters Facebook Traffic

Bo also has three more videos concerning Facebook that walks us through other aspects of that particular social media platform. All his videos and the full GoGetters training course is available on Wealthy Affiliate with the Premium Membership.

Where can I get more training on social media and traffic to my website?

Bo Tipton is just one of many Affiliate Marketers on Wealthy Affiliate who are professionals at affiliate marketing, and have taken the time to create their own training on various aspects of the business. This is the community we have access to.  Oops, I took a left turn there. These extra courses are all free to members of the community.

Another wonderful instructor and professional affiliate marketer and one of my mentors, is Veronica. She also has some great training, this is just a quick idea of how to get free traffic to your website!

5 Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Website

I visited your links, isn’t all that information a little overwhelming?

This is a lot of information to absorb. And there is more where all of this came from. Unlike, it’s available for free when you sign up for a Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Plus you can take all the time you want to study it!

You can study it on your own time schedule, it’s YOUR business!  When I first started out, I would do one lesson a day until I got my site up and running, then I would do as many as I had time for as I knew the jargon by then.  Once you get acclimated to the business, it becomes easier.

So good luck, I look forward to seeing you on Wealthy Affiliate!

For more information on Wealthy Affiliate and how YOU can start your own business on the internet, go to my post here!

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