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Writing Good Content.earn an extra income, how to write good content for a website.

During your journey to becoming the premier affiliate marketing expert on your little square megapixel of the internet, there are 5 basic skills you need to learn to become an effective affiliate marketer.

  1. How to choose a niche market.

  2. Writing good content for a website

  3. Choosing keywords and learning the ins and outs of SEO.

  4. Attracting followers through social media and other avenues

  5. Monetizing your website

Five Parts to Good Content.

In order to be a good affiliate marketer, the second skill of the 5 basic skills needed, is writing good content.  Let’s break it down into four parts.  Your content will need to exhibit correct grammar and punctuation, as well as spelled correctly, with an engaging style.

Written communication is how you connect with your audience.  If you go in to purchase a car, and the salesperson is unkempt, has disheveled hair, no tie, ripped up jeans, you’re going to be distracted by their appearance, and less likely to focus on the task at hand, buying a car.

Likewise, the first impression your audience receives from you is how well the article is written.  They don’t want to be stumbling through your article because of bad content, they want to hear the message.

Punctuation is Paramount!how to write good content for your website

For instance, punctuation is always important.  Consider the age-old example of the use of punctuation when it’s time for dinner, “Let’s eat Grandma!”, is much different from, “Let’s eat, Grandma!”  The comma infers a short pause between “eat” and “Grandma”, changing the meaning of the sentence from salivating over Grandma’s remains, to speaking WITH Grandma.  Big difference!

Grammar is Grandiose!how to write good content for your website

Grammar is also very important, and we aren’t speaking of being able to analyze and diagram a sentence.

Perfection in grammar isn’t necessarily the requirement, but well-written gets you across the finish line.   We’re talking about taking the written words and using them to communicate effectively, with as little mistakes as possible.

A mistake causes confusion with your message, as well as distracting your reader from the message you are attempting to convey to them.

Consider the following sentence.  “I don’t have no income from the internet.”  And if that is your level of grammar, then your statement will probably come true.

The error in the sentence is called a double negative.  The sentence could read, “I don’t have any income from the internet.” or “I have no income from the internet.”  Notably, there is more than one way to state the issue correctly, so finding the right way is a matter of opinion.

Eliminating the top 15 most common mistakes of grammar will take care of 98% of the errors in writing, of which, the double negative is one of those 15.

In English, there is a great book to help you through the process of polishing up your grammar, by the name of The Little, Brown Handbook, By H. Ramsey Fowler (Author), Jane E. Aaron (Author).  Books in other languages exist that will help with the grammar of your native language.

Spelling is Special!how to write good content for your website

Thirdly, spelling is an important aspect of the written word.  Fortunately, the dictionary is there to assist.  It can be accessed online or in hard copy and is an age-old tool of the writer’s craft.  Everyone goes through grade school learning how to spell.

We all sat through it, wondering why in the world we needed to spell something as obscure as obscurity…  O-b-s-c-u-r-i-t-y.  And now you too know how to spell it.

Another great aspect of being good at spelling is being able to figure out the correct spelling of a word without having seen the word in all of your reading experience.

Engagement is Ingenious!

Lastly and just as importantly, your writing needs to be engaging.  Your writing is the first last and only chance for you to get your point across.  It needs to be engaging, to the point, and descriptive, without running on.

Probably, early in your career as an affiliate marketer, writing too much isn’t going to be the problem.  Writing content of 500 words is marginal, 750 is barely acceptable, and anything over 1000 words per post is a great article.

“A great personal writing goal to set for yourself is a minimum of 1000 words per post, so KEEP writing.”

Quality is King!how to write good content for your website

The more quality content, the better!  Write as though you are speaking with an individual, let your personality come out in your posts.

Once you’ve written a few hundred words, go back and read it yourself, if it sounds like something out of a textbook, would you want to read through the whole article?

And once your article is complete, use the spell checker, grammar checker, and punctuation checker.  THEN proofread it again.  Even the best writers make mistakes!

Step Number Three, learn about choosing keywords and learning the ins and outs of SEO

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