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earn an extra income

Ever get tired of that Gap At The End Of The Month? What about HBA Syndrome? What would it take for you to earn an extra income?

Whatever you want to call it, it’s what’s holding you back. It’s time for you to prosper. Someone said the Good Book says money is the root of all evil. Or did it? I believe the LACK of money is the root of all evil. God says He helps those who help themselves. If you’re short on money, how can you help yourself, how can you help other people who need your help? All you do is worry about how to get it. And then evil thoughts start creeping in.

Is money really evil?

We mortals end up taking all this to heart and decide it’s evil to try to make extra money. Or we throw that out as an excuse to just not try. When I don’t care how hard you try, unless you’ve been CHOSEN to make Millions, it’s not going to happen.

earn an extra income

It’s like bodybuilding. So many people won’t even exercise because they don’t want to be an Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold worked his whole life, had an obsession, had doctors to help, and had the genetics to do it. People who don’t want to keep fit, don’t realize that.

It’s not because money is evil. Money isn’t evil, money is a means of exchanging what we produce for what our neighbor produces. Come to think of it, the lack of money isn’t evil either, the lack of money promotes a drive to get what we need, we can take the evil path and steal what we need, or we can put effort into it and benefit from His love and get a little help.

Take the honest path and let Him help you along.

I fully believe if you put your honest ALL into it, He will make sure you get what you need. In the meantime, we get plenty of lessons on how to be honest, plus when we get up off the couch and start working, we learn how He helps those who help themselves. Then we get to learn how absolutely exhilarating it feels to help other people. Especially in light of the fact He is helping you do it. Want to know what it feels like to know that He actually cares for you and has plans for you? Take the Path!

earn an extra income

Absolutely exhilarating.

I have no idea why or even if God chooses people to be ultra rich, I just know that down here on the other end of the scale, we sometimes need to earn an extra income. I know God uses us as He sees fit, whether we like it or not, whether we believe in him or not. I also know He’s not going to help us get what we need if we are sitting there on the couch watching reruns of The Andy Griffith Show. Although admittedly, there are a lot of good morals in that show that we somehow don’t get in the entertainment we have today.

Do you think He will help?

But we’re going to have to work at it, and He’ll be there right behind us helping us. Whether we know it or not. Whether we admit it or not. I am here to show you how to earn an extra income, I’m working on helping you make an extra income so I can help MYSELF earn an extra income.

So off my soapbox, (okay, it’s a coffee box) I have things to teach you. First off what’s our chariot, how do we get from here to there on this journey? It’s called affiliate marketing. It’s taking the time to write a post, explaining all about a product or service that could be beneficial to the reader. And there are lots of readers. Approximately 4 billion at last count.

earn an extra income

How does this work?

Let’s do a quick case study on a product called The Platinum Years. It’s a great training system to help people who are nearing retirement to understand what they want to do with their life after retirement. Now, I admit that a lot of you out there aren’t ready to retire, so bear with me, that’s just one niche you can work on.

Daily I hear of people who retire, then go home, they sit on the couch, they age years in a matter of months and they end up dying six months to a year after retiring, because they don’t know how to be retired They lost their will to live. So we have a product that is worth it’s mettle, it’s good for the community, and arguably it very well may save someone’s life.

So we’ll take that product and we’ll write a review for it. Then we’ll throw a few relevant keywords in it, put some pictures pertaining to the topic in there and publish it on the internet, We’ll promote it to people in that age range, the people who are ready to retire.

earn an extra income

When one of those people go to The Platinum Years website and purchase this training system, we’ll make a little money. They will have hopefully reaped a HUGE benefit from it, a happy retired lifestyle. We’ve helped ourselves by helping someone else help themselves. They know how to retire and still be productive and live a full life after retirement.

Is THAT what this is all about?

That’s what affiliate marketing is all about. There is a learning curve, for sure! God isn’t going to give us much unless we help ourselves! In our situation as well as the retirees! That also falls under the “Use It Or Lose It” category, I used my brain to write that post and figure out how to promote it.

What’s my next step?

The next step for you is to investigate this method of earning an extra income, because saying extra income is only a start, it really boils down to a good primary income. But you have to decide if you want to push it to that. How do you explore this?

earn an extra income

Find out all there is to know about this affiliate marketing business. 

Then read this post: Wealthy Affiliate Review. You can certainly check out SEVERAL companies for hosting your website. It’s guaranteed you will not find another website with more training, more options and more support than this one. Bar NONE.  THIS is how you earn an extra income!

Cheers, have a wonderful week!


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