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Global MoneyLine Review

Name: Global MoneyLine
Price: Five levels, Free, $20 Bronze, $50 Silver, $100 Gold, and $250 Platinum
Owners: Red Flag ==>Owners name is NOT available<==
Overall Rank: 2 out of 100

Global MoneyLine, Product Overview

First off, the disclaimer.  This is one man’s opinion and you may choose to ignore this advice as you please.  It is your total free will.  The author is not now and never will be connected in any way with this company.  Let the buyer beware.  

Global MoneyLine is a website system that collects emails for you for use as a lead in your business.  You must have a sponsor to join, and you can only use any one email address once.  

You also get a commission from the people who join directly under you.  You can get in at the free starter level. There are four tiers you can upgrade to from the free level up to a $250 level.

If you sign people up directly under you, you’ll receive a commission from the sale and as people sign up directly under those people, you get a commission for that level too.  

This is an MLM for collecting emails as well as earning a commission.  The trouble with the emails is, you can only use them once.  The higher the level, the more downline you have which means the more messages you can send to your downline.  

Messages are NOT emails.  The email list is not the people who have signed up under you, the email list is the people you’ve sent a message to through your level of membership, and have responded back.  You can only send one email to each person.  

So to recap.  You sign up, you get to send a message to the people who sign up UNDER you.  IF they respond back, you can put them on your email list and can send ONE email back to them.  

The commission structure 

The commission structure offers you the opportunity to buy into the company at any of the four payable levels of the five levels.  If you buy into the structure and you get five people in under you as your first line downline, you will receive a commission from each individual.  

If each one of those individuals invites five people, you will get a commission from those people also.  After just 11 levels, that’s the full population of the United States.   

Of the levels, one guy spent an extra $1000 to get his 653 “free” emails.  So these people aren’t even sending ads to their own people.  You must buy each individual level in order to progress to the next level.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

Gee, I haven’t found anything good about it to report.  I do have to say they have an awesome income disclaimer page, but they NEED that.

The Bad:

This thing has “pyramid scheme” written all over it.  For your money, you are not guaranteed any leads, and in order to make a commission, the people under you need to sign people up.  

The front page says in no uncertain terms that for you to make money, people have to sign up under you.  No product for your money, and in order to make more money people have to sign up?  I’m surprised the FTC is allowing this.

The commission structure alone tells you that it’s an MLM but you are not offering anything such as a product or service, which turns that MLM into a program that gives MLMs a bad name.  

The fact that you are not offering anything tangible except the opportunity to create an email list (which you can send only one email to) turns this opportunity into a pyramid scheme, or as the FTC calls it, a Ponzi scheme.

Who is Global MoneyLine For?

This scheme is basically targeted to anyone who needs extra cash and doesn’t want to work to get it.  And at whatever cost they are willing to pay to do something illegal.  Legality in the US is questionable, and in other countries other than the US there is the “buyer beware” adage that comes into effect.  

Global MoneyLine Tools & Training

Tools and training are nothing but how to put your money in and wait for one of your victims to put their money in so you can get your money back.  And you will get a victim, your upline got you, so the scheme keeps on going, that’s how a Ponzi Scheme works.

Global MoneyLine Support

The only support you’ll get is from the person who signed you up.  And what is support worth when you’re in a pyramid scheme.  They do have an AWESOME bullet-proof income disclaimer.

My Final Opinion ofGlobal MoneyLine

Save your money.  This is a great way to get in on a pyramid scheme that some people may make money on.  But it isn’t like you’re purchasing something tangible.  

They aren’t selling you email lists, you have to create your own email list and give money to the people above you.  Some people really do make money on a pyramid scheme, most DON’T.  

Global MoneyLine at a Glance…

Name: Global MoneyLine
Price: Five levels, Free, $20 Bronze, $50 Silver, $100 Gold, and $250 Platinum
Owners: Red Flag ==>Owners name is NOT available<==
Overall Scam Rank: 99 out of 100


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