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Are you tired of being broke all the time?

I’ll be blunt. I’m going to tell you how to have a wealthy mindset. That may very well change your brokenness.

How to have a wealthy mindset

The book you need is Jen Sincero’s, “You Are a Badass at Making Money.” I’m going to do a quick review of this book because it has helped me along my path in life for the good.

It was recommended to me by Carol, my better half. I had read Jen’s first book, “You Are A Badass,” and, I’ll admit, I thought it was a little biased toward the feminine side of the population. Which is NOT a bad thing, it just narrows down the audience. After having said that, it’s a bestselling book, so who cares? Right?

Nevertheless, I was in a little business group, and one of my cohorts decided we should read a book, sort of a book club book. So we read Jen’s first one, awesome book, but like I said, it seemed to be, to me, (the only guy of the group), a little on the feminine side.

Still, my better half was listening to the “Making Money” book on the way to and from work and, instead of grumbling about the traffic, would come home with an anecdote out of the book.

So I figured, why not, at least she and I would have something else to bring us even closer, a book to discuss. So I snuck over to the local bookstore and bought a copy. And what a book.

You know, whether certain parts of the political scene seems to think we’re in a depression and ready for Socialism to take over or not, the economy is doing good! Just look around you and you’ll see that people aren’t at each other’s throats after all.

How to do good in this economy.

And if you, personally, are not doing good in this economy, it’s time to take another step in the right direction. That is to put on a different attitude about your financial well being.How to have a wealthy mindset

A little aside about that attitude. In a bad economy, people with the right attitude will survive and prosper. In a good economy, people with the right attitude will survive and prosper.

Did you notice a similarity there? Bob Proctor put it best. “The world we live in changes all the time. If we don’t change with it, we’ll be living in the past.” That means we need to change with the times.

Jen Sincero will slap you up the side of the head with a new way of looking at it. Then she’ll give you a bunch of ways to accomplish it. She is not only funny, but she is right!

Who needs this attitude change?

And she throws a little spirituality in there as well. Everyone can use this information, and it’s a shame that some people won’t, because of hiding behind their fears. Come out from behind them and use them to your advantage.

As Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, “The only thing we need to fear is fear itself.” Well, it’s time to use that fear. It’s time to wake up and take control of your financial future. How much better would your life be if you didn’t have to worry about the end-of-the-month bills?

How to have a wealthy mindset

Money left over at the end of the month.

Imagine that. You get to the end of the month and you have money left over. That’s after you’ve paid the house payment, filled you and your spouse’s gas tanks up, paid the credit cards, maybe even paid one of them totally off, went out for dinner 7 times, to the movies 3 times, and already ordered next month’s dog food from Amazon.

What would that feel like? This book, Jen Sincero’s, “You Are a Badass at Making Money”, will help change your attitude so you can do that.

Where are you going to buy it? Amazon has it, you can zip right over there and purchase it now, have it today or tomorrow if you want.

The book is 278 pages, comes in paperback as well as hardcover. It’s a New York Times Bestseller, is an easy read, not big on 50 cent words. But it will change your life.

Want to get it for FREE?

With a trial of Audible on Amazon, you can get it for free.  But hurry, we don’t know when that deal is over.  Otherwise, it runs $10 to $12. It’ll cost you $16 at Barnes And Noble.

Buy it here, get free shipping if you buy $25 worth of stuff. And you can get it tomorrow if you want!

If you have any comments or questions about any of this content, drop me a note below and I will be more than happy to discuss.

For more on having a GROWTH mindset, check out Namaste Nourished’s post on the subject.  They have lots of good information!

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