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Are you finding one of the hardest aspects of being a blogger is discovering a good website keyword finder?

There are plenty out there, some are free, others are not, but there are several pieces of information that a good one should have, free or otherwise. Free only goes so far when you are attempting to make money with your keywords.

Website keyword finder

What should a website keyword finder offer?

As important as keyword research is, a good Website keyword finder should have search capability, not just typing the keyword in but searching for other similar terms. A good keyword tool should have statistics of how many times that keyword is searched per month and how many other websites are using that particular keyword.

The website keyword tool should also be able to estimate the monthly number of visits the site can expect with a first-page ranking. Lastly, and most importantly, the tool should tell you how well that keyword ranks for SEO.

What’s the most important feature of a website keyword finder?

The SEO rank is the most important. Although the keyword may actually have a fairly good SEO ranking but be very high in competition, a good SEO ranking parameter is what we’re looking for. Ideally, the keyword should have a ranking of 90-100 with 100 being optimal. But also competition should be 100 sites or fewer. The less the better, of course. Plus the monthly searches would ideally be between 100 and 300, so the keyword should generate a fair amount of traffic.

What are the best statistics for a keyword in a website keyword finder?

In other words, an ideal keyword would have 100-300 a month searches, less than 100 competitive websites and an SEO ranking of 90-100. For a website keyword finder, those parameters are the basics. Keywords falling into these ranges would be what the industry calls the Low Hanging Fruit.

Website keyword finder

What else should a good website keyword finder offer?

Other aspects of a good keyword finder might include suggestions for website domain names to fit the keyword, a list of other similar keywords, and a list builder feature to save keywords as they are discovered. Maybe even one that will save them under several headings.

The Jaaxy Introduction Video:

I’ve heard of the Alphabet Soup technique, what is it?

Another great aspect of the top website keyword finders is the ability to search for keywords in the Alphabet Soup method. Where typing in one word will give the user words or phrases in alphabetical order that are frequently searched along with the single keyword. An example would be typing in the word income, and then choices would list different variations of that single keyword with “A” words, “B” words, “C” words, etc. These searches should produce keywords with the extra alphabet before or after the primary word. The possibilities are endless.

Website keyword finder alphabet soup

Which website keyword finder is best?

There is a sea of available website keyword finders, how one person would wade through all of them to find the right one is beyond comprehension. The keyword tool that I personally have found to be an excellent tool is Jaaxy, which is a product of the boys over at Wealthy Affiliate. These guys have been in the affiliate marketing business for many years and not being satisfied with all the offerings available, they decided to create their own.

Website keyword finder

After being around the block a number of times, they had a thorough understanding of the internet marketing world and knew exactly what was needed. That’s where Jaaxy was born. And their little brainchild started out meagerly but grew up into the premier website keyword finder. It’ has all the bells and whistles all the others have all rolled into one package.

Do I have to download software?

It’s online, no need to download and install a big software package. It’s user-friendly with a minimal learning curve in order to be proficient, and it has all the data needed to ferret out awesome keywords in as little time as possible. Best of all, Jaaxy has three different membership levels. A FREE level, a Pro level ($19 per month), and an Enterprise level ($49 per month) You can certainly try it out for 30 days for free to see if it fits your needs!

You can try it for free right here

Please leave us a comment below, let us know what you found out and whether you like Jaaxy or not.

You can go to my review of Jaaxy here

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