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Are you having trouble finding keywords and rankings for your website?

the website keyword and rank checker

This is an important part of an affiliate marketing program. It’s actually an important part of any internet business, but especially for affiliate marketers. When you have the wrong keywords or are using keywords with unacceptable rankings, it can mean the difference between a successful business or just another half-baked failure of an internet income attempt.

Arguably, more than 50% of the failed attempts at affiliate marketing isn’t because of the inability or education level of the owner, it’s because of keyword selection deficiencies. Keywords equal traffic, and without traffic, the affiliate marketer is dead in the water before the starting gate is opened.

What should a keyword search tool offer?

The keyword research tool selected must have several features that allow easy search and ranking checks. The keyword selected has to be relevant to the content and should also be high ranking in the search engines, with low competition.

The website keyword and rank checker

It is important for the rank checker to reveal ranking across The Big Three search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Both features should be included in one package. As affiliate marketing is an internet business, the website keyword and rank checker should not require downloading, and reside on the web.

Other features should be the ability to monitor rankings of keywords related to the marketing website on an ongoing basis, as well as a feature to save selected keywords to different lists depending on subject matter.

Fortunately, there is a website keyword and rank checker that contains all of these parameters and resides online. There is also a free trial period. Free is only good as a trial. When you’re looking for a full up free package, you’re not serious about being successful in affiliate marketing. Great software comes at a price, but breaking the bank to spite your bank account, isn’t good practice either.

An answer to the question.

The website keyword and rank checker I personally use is the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. A great product at a great price. With a free trial. It also resides online, has the ability to save not only searched keywords but also ranking checks.

the website keyword and rank checker

Three Versions

With the Free Starter Version you get:

  • 30 searches with 25 search results per search.
  • 30 site-rank analysis checks.
  • An affiliate program finder for your keyword searches.
  • And much more.

With that, you’ll have a strong idea of the capability of this package, and know this is the website keyword and rank checker for you.

The jaaxy keyword tool review

With the Pro Version you get:

  • 30 searches per month with unlimited search history.
  • 2,000 rank checks per month.
  • Manual QSR and Domain name searches.
  • And a TON more.

This is the basic level you need if you plan on being “in the business,” and need something that works, at an affordable price, for getting your rocket ship off the ground. When you are looking to start a small business this shows you’re ready to be a professional at affiliate marketing.

The Enterprise Version gives you:

  • Unlimited searches with 35 results per search.
  • Unlimited keyword lists.
  • 10,000 site rank analyses.
  • “Alphabet Soup” searches of 50 letters per search.
  • Everything that’s included in the Free Starter and Pro Versions, plus even more.
  • The QSR and Domain name searches are automatic, they show up with your initial search.

This level is for the people who want to be the leaders in the internet marketing business. You’ll want this level after you get your business up and running and paying for itself, and you’re ready to take your affiliate or internet marketing business to the top-level. This level isn’t for the faint of heart because the growth in your business could be explosive.

What does all of this get you?

It gets you a tool you can try out for free, and save your work for later. It gets you a tool with a basic Pro level you can use to get your business up and running and on a solid foundation with the most important part of affiliate marketing, which is SEO traffic.

AND it gives you a level that, when you are serious about this business you have the best tool available to continue growth through your career on the internet.

Try it out here.

Are you ready to sign up for The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool, THE website keyword and rank checker tool you need?

How did this tool work for you? Did it accomplish what you were looking for? Let us know below so we can pass that info on to your fellow affiliate marketers.


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