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Are you living from paycheck to the End Of The Month Gap?

What is self-sufficiency?

want a self sufficient life live it, self sufficient life live it

Is it taking care of you and your family? Not using a credit card to buy groceries? How about overall financial well-being?

Self-sufficiency is you being able to pay all the bills, then getting to enjoy the extra money to pay off the credit cards or tuition debt. You get to have enough time and money left over to golf, ski, fish and do all the other stuff we all want to do.

Like take the family out for dinner, or buy Christmas presents. How many hobbies do you have that are just sitting there calling your name but you can’t afford it or you have to spend so much time at that job, you don’t have time for recreation. You know a lot of us have gone out on a limb, went to four years of college and studied all sorts of great careers!

want a self sufficient life live it, self sufficient life live it

Did you take the College Route?

Then we got out, got involved in the industry of our choice and bang, we are still struggling just to make the payment on the college debt. The cost for a full year of college has gone up $7000 in the last 10 years. From $27,000 to $34,000! More people entering college, inflation, and college rates all three going up and voila, college is approaching the out of sight range for a lot of people. One of the two of us still has a $60,000 tuition debt, after 15 years in the chosen field!

I got to the point where I knew we were living on a dead end road that was going to get narrower and narrower until that little yellow sign would pop up in the distance saying our bumpy little road had run out.  And we’d be officially NOT self-sufficient.

Are you working a second job just to make ends meet?

There are SO many people having to take a second job to make ends meet. And that second job only makes your employer rich, not you. It’s unfathomable how many people who didn’t go to college are simply just not making it.

No longer can people expect to keep their nose clean, find a good factory job and work their life away, taking care of themselves and their family. A sort of self-sacrifice that 30 years ago, we could all make in order to raise a family.want a self sufficient life live it, self sufficient life live it

My mother was proud of the fact she only had an 8th-grade education. She held quite a few average paying jobs over her lifetime. There were plenty to be had.  My father held fewer and higher paying jobs, he was the breadwinner, but he only had a high school education.  They both worked, they took care of us. We ate like there was no tomorrow!  We did a lot of camping and fishing, we even owned a boat for a while.

Why the increased need for a college education today?

Nowadays, everyone needs to be “college ready” when they get out of high school. Spoiler alert!  Not everyone can or will go to college!   There are electricians and plumbers and auto mechanics needed. Oh, no, those kinds of jobs were for our parents, we can’t do that! They got their hands dirty!

But now college is ultra expensive. There is a LOT of incongruency going on there. Go ahead, feel free to vent at the bottom of the post about the economy and the need for something to give. How big IS that gap at the end of your month?want a self sufficient life live it, self sufficient life live it

ENOUGH with the negative, let’s move to the self-sufficient part of it!

Let’s take a look at how we can become self-sufficient again. There is a big computer-based society happening right now, been going on for a while, actually.  It includes social media, people doing stuff interactively with fellow computer users from around the world, and people actually purchasing items on the computer and having it sent to their homes. It’s called the INTERNET!want a self sufficient life live it, self sufficient life live it

It’s fun and exciting and has a million different aspects that are all fairly easy to learn about and tap into for the average person. There are chat rooms and social media, there are game rooms and all sorts of entertainment, there are untold different subjects that can be researched and get absorbed into. Maybe you have a hobby you are interested in that you just can’t get enough of. Knitting, golfing, skiing, classic cars, crafting, painting, losing weight, gaining weight, space exploration, fishing, or just chatting with people.

How many subjects are there?

There are literally millions of subjects you can research out and discover more about. And there is one subject, in particular, all these other subjects have in common.

You can make money on the internet with them. You can EARN AN INCOME! You can become more than just self-sufficient with them. And the more you immerse yourself in your particular niche, the better you become at making money.  The more you immerse yourself in your PASSION, the more money you can make!

Wait, I can have fun with my passion and make money with it?

What is it?

I’m talking about affiliate marketing. You learn how to create a website for your favorite subject, learn how to monetize it, and then the more you know about your subject, the more of an expert you become, the more income you make. And the more you learn about affiliate marketing, the easier it all becomes!

Can I do this without working at it?want a self sufficient life live it, self sufficient life live it

It depends on what you mean by “working at it”.  Do you work at getting the boat out and going fishing on the weekend?  If that is work, then this is probably going to be work, too.  If you enjoy going fishing, and you enjoy learning new things, then no, this isn’t work.  You’re going to throw out a little hook with some bait on it, then wait to see what nibbles!

Can you go to bed tonight and wake up rich tomorrow morning?  No, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. In fact, the only get-rich-quick schemes on the internet are get-rich-quick SCAMS, but I left that subject for another post!

What you put in, determines what you’ll take out.

How do you get to be self-sufficient with this affiliate marketing business?  By making it YOUR business!  By getting in there and enjoying learning a new way to make money, on the internet.  And all that time you put in is fun and exciting because our minds love to explore new territory.

How will I learn to do this?

You’ll get some free training sitting right there at your computer!

You’ll be learning how to create the website. Then you’ll learn how to write good content, how to choose good keywords for your little niche, and how to monetize the whole operation. And you’ll get to learn how to structure your website in order to make an income. I left out a word there. I left out GOOD, a good income. When you get good at it, it’ll be a GREAT income, forget the “good”! And yes, it’ll take you a little effort to get the boat into the water, but think of the fish you’ll catch!

want a self sufficient life live it, self sufficient life live it

You’ll have the hosting site to help you along.

Your hosting site will host that website, the best one you choose will allow more than one website. You’ll even have access to a program to help you choose those keywords you’ll be writing about, a keyword research tool. That means you’ll have website backup, and you’ll have website support 24/7/365 days a year.

Let’s get this straight. You don’t have to accost all your friends?

All you have to do is LEARN how to build an acceptable website. And then let it grow.

How long will this take me?want a self sufficient life live it, self sufficient life live it

Creating a website can take less than 30 seconds! To get it fine-tuned and making money can take as little as a month! I’m a little on the stubborn side and don’t like to follow the lessons so it took me a little longer! But I had fun while working on it because I love learning how to do new things, plus I knew EVENTUALLY I would get it right. And it was on my OWN TIME! No one else’s.

So the big question is, how can I earn an extra income?  I want a self-sufficient life!

Are you ready to start something new and fun? Are you ready to move toward self-sufficiency? Are you ready to start something that will take you to a full-time income on part-time hours? Are YOU ready to CLOSE THAT End Of The Month GAP?

What is my next step?

want a self sufficient life live it, self sufficient life live it

Read about Wealthy Affiliate here. This website will give you absolutely everything you need except for two things.  The TIME. And the EFFORT.

want a self sufficient life live it, self sufficient life live it

Are you ready to live a self sufficient life?

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Leave me a comment, and answer these three questions.  

How much money would it take for YOU to make ends meet? How much would you be COMFORTABLE making? And lastly, are you willing to make the effort?


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