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Has that End of the Month Gap gotten you down?

You need to know how to earn an income from home online!

how to earn an income from home online

Does that substantial amount of cash you bring in every month run out about the 20th?

That gap between those ends just keeps GROWING for everyone!

Do you want to know how to earn an income from home ONLINE?  Then you’ve come to the right place.  You do not need a degree in business or computers.  This opportunity will allow you to learn how to create a website, get that website up and running, and make an income online.  

how to earn an income from home online

An online business doesn’t require a lot of tools.

I look around and see a lot of my friends who are having trouble in this economy, who have the capability to excel, but don’t have the income they need. This is why affiliate marketing culd help you maintain financial independence and well-being. If you want to know how to earn an income from home online and help yourself, you’ve come to the right place!

how to earn an income from home online

Beware of get-rich-quick schemes.

Now right off the bat, I researched internet marketing, affiliate marketing, how to make money on the net, and even internet extra income. And found a lot of get-rich-quick scams (notice I said scams, not schemes), a lot of companies who host affiliate marketers, a lot of good reviews, bad reviews, and definitions that were so far off the mark of what “affiliate marketing” is that I questioned whether I’d lost my own mind or the definer (is that a word?) was from another planet or just off their rocker.

how to earn an income from home online

Anyone can start their own online business.

And here I am doing real live, down to earth, affiliate marketing. From home.  I know I’m not going to get rich quick, and this isn’t exactly a cake walk, I AM putting some effort into it, but I put more physical effort into mowing the lawn (which by the way I enjoy doing) than doing affiliate marketing. This is how you’ll STAY self-sufficient.

We can try this out for FREE!  We ALL want to be and stay independent, okay, sure we’ll hire a housekeeper one of these days, and we’ll contract someone out to mow the lawn, but only when we’re ready, and not because we have to. And just like it has for me, affiliate marketing will allow YOU to make the decisions you want to make, not the ones you have to make due to necessity or not having any other choice.  This is without a doubt, the easiest way to start a business online.  It doesn’t take a lot of money to learn how to earn an income from home online.  It DOES, however, take work.  There is no such thing as a get rich quick option.

You’ve read a few of my posts on affiliate marketing, and a few people wanted to know more about what it is. Affiliate marketing is the process by which people research products and services, using the affiliate marketer’s posts, blogs, and web pages, and in the process are offered access to those products or services. There are three basic players in this process. The customer, the supplier, and the publisher.

Who will be my customer?

how to earn an income from home online

The customers are your neighbors as well as people around the world.

These are the people who need a product or service. There are approximately 4 billion consumers on the internet and all of them are potential customers. These 4 billion people are looking for literally billions of products from millions of websites. They are looking for the best product to fit their needs.

Whether it be a car, or a box of soap, the future of online purchasing is here now, and us baby boomers have only just begun to tap this resource. And yes, you can go to the Ford, Chevrolet, or [INSERT FAVORITE AUTOMAKER HERE] whatever car manufacturer’s website and buy a car on the internet.

Where will I get my products?

how to earn an income from home online

The supplier can be any company with an affiliate program.

These are the companies who have the products customers need. Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, are a few that immediately come to mind, but there are literally millions of companies offering every product or service the mind can conceive of.  

Amazon alone offers 389 million products in the U.S. alone. And Amazon is just one of the biggest, there are also a million little mom-and-pop shops (say that really fast three times) who sell flowers, and candy, and popcorn, etc, ad infinitum.

And they all offer products to consumers. They may have a little advertising gig going, which may bring in some customers, but if they are smart, they’ll have a program to allow bloggers or advertisers to assist them in bringing in customers.

You mean I am the publisher?

These are the affiliate marketers, the people who write the reviews and the blogs. The people who direct those 3.5 billion people to the millions of products and service providers. These are the people who give information to the customer on which gadget to buy from Amazon, or who sends the buyer to Best Buy for a better price. They own their own website, a little independent business enterprise that they run themselves and review the products that mean the most to them.

how to earn an income from home online

You don’t have to be a computer genius!

The successful ones write like they’re talking to their neighbor, they write reviews for the things they KNOW about.  They don’t publish a review on an expensive perfume sold in a foreign country two oceans over.  They write a review for what they are familiar with, a book, a favorite way they’ve found to lose weight. And they direct traffic to the places the consumer can purchase the item.

They direct (last estimate) 40% of Amazon’s customers to Amazon, for Amazon. Amazon pays them for that service. Walmart pays them for that service, Home Depot, Best Buy, etc., ad infinitum, pays them for that service.  These people take care of themselves because if you treat it like a business, it’ll treat you like a business owner! Many companies do not have the resources to reach all of their potential customers, and there is where affiliate marketing comes in.

How does this work, in a nutshell?

The customer goes to the internet to find out what the best microwave for their use is. They find a website that reveals dimensions on several microwaves, they find prices easily, but where do they go to find a review for that microwave. An affiliate marketer who is connected to Amazon’s affiliate program happens to have a review. The customer likes the review, so in the review on the affiliate marketers website, there is a link right there to Amazon’s microwave.

Amazon gets a sale that Amazon probably would not have gotten. The customer gets a microwave that fits the customer’s needs. The Affiliate Marketer gets a commission for writing and publishing a review.

Can I control my own destiny with this?  

how to earn an income from home online

Do you really want to become a Wal-Mart greeter?

You don’t have to get up, put on a happy face, put on your blue vest and greet customers at Walmart. You can sit there in your old holey (not holy) pajamas and hone your website to a sharp edge. You write about the things you love, whatever your little niche may be. The problem isn’t choosing a niche big enough, the problem is choosing one SMALL enough so YOU are the big fish in the pond.

Because there are literally billions of customers out there.  At this age, you don’t need someone to tell you that the Men’s Bathroom had an overflow and you need to go clean it up. Your job is to choose which gym you’d like to join, or which golf course you’re playing this afternoon.

how to earn an income from home online

Retirement should be about relaxing.

Your job is to take your time, write a quick review of the new blender you bought, look at your PayPal account and realize you just made enough from your website to pay the house payment… for NEXT month. You can do this!

You mean I can be and stay independent?

Here is a list of the advertisers you will see on the pages of my website, hence my LOVE of affiliate marketing. I list these, not for trying to sell you something, but to show you some advertisers I signed up with early in this process for me:

  •      Amazon
  •      Google Adsense
  •      CJ Affiliate, (Formerly Commission Junction)
  •      Sellhealth Supplements for Men and Women
  •     The Platinum Years motivational program for baby boomers
  •      Smarthome smartphone accessories
  •      Wealthy Affiliate, affiliate marketers hosting and training.

Notice these are NOT links to other websites, these are examples of the advertisers I use on this website. Now, one last question…

Up at the top of this website, is a pulldown menu.  One of these options is PROSPERITY.  When you are ready for more information, go there and read ALL of the posts under that heading.  You’ll be glad you did.

how to earn an income from home online

What have you got to lose? That END of the MONTH GAP!

You can write your own paycheck.

Follow this link for my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

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