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How are you feeling today?  I’m a little upbeat, and a little excited about the future!  I have an ache and a pain here and there, but I will survive!

So you’re approaching that golden age of life and you’re a little sore in this area and the function of that area is slacking a bit.  Well, guess what, that’s what happens when we get old.  But with a little attention to detail, it doesn’t have to be a downhill run, it can be a slow walk.  Actually, a slow walk, or a brisk walk can both be a benefit to you.

A walk in the park

But lets start with the basics.  First, visit your doctor regularly.

“Visit your doctor regularly.”

Not once a week, that’s too often!  Maybe once every two or three months.  That way you can keep track of physical anomalies that bother you, keep them under control and head off anything that could get to be major issues later on.   A little preventive health never hurt anyone.

Secondly, if you do have medications you’ve been prescribed, certainly get on a schedule to take them as the doc felt necessary.

“Take your meds as needed.”

Take them first thing in the morning right after you get up.  Get in the habit of taking them at the same time every day, then when you miss the dose, something will yell at you saying YOU FORGOT SOMETHING!

Take your pills

Thirdly, get some exercise.  And so you’re allergic to exercise, a lot of us are.

“Get some exercise.”

We go out, we exercise a bit, the heart rate goes up, breathing increases and the sweat starts pouring.  That sounds like a reaction to me!  How about you?  So figure out how to get a little less than that amount, a little more often than what you’re doing now, and that allergy to exercise won’t affect you quite as much.

Do a nice brisk walk around the block a few times a week, maybe take a swimmercise class once a week.   If it’s too cold outside, maybe walk up and down a flight of stairs three or four times once a day.

Fourthly, reduce stress in your life.  Stop trying to be everything and do everything for everyone else in your life.

“Reduce the stress in your life.”

That’s my particular problem, I can’t say no.  I do love helping people and I will help people to my own detriment.  So I have to watch that.  Start leaving a half of the day for yourself.  Say until noon, and that doesn’t mean sleep in until noon.

Get up, take your meds, get yourself a little breakfast and then take care of the exercise.  Then do a hobby or two.  Make yourself happy for a while.

Do a little knitting

And fifthly, make sure you get enough rest but not too much.  Go to bed every night at the same time, keep yourself on schedule, set the alarm and get up at the same time.

“Get the right amount of rest.”

And get about 8-9 hours of sleep a night.  Oh, having trouble sleeping?  If it has to do with your medication, time to consult the doc.  But if it doesn’t, and is just because you have your own pack of monkeys jumping around in your head, then there is a remedy.  Get yourself a tablet and a pen.  And when the monkeys start jumping, get up, turn the light on and start writing.

Write down everything that pops into your mind.  What are you cooking for Thanksgiving Dinner?  How are you going to paint the living room?  Why did that young smartass kid at the grocery store have to be so rude to you.  Should you paint the garage door a bright red or a nice light mauve color?

The trick is to write it down so the monkeys have somewhere else to be besides in your head.  Then get in bed and go back to sleep.  You know the funny part about this little exercise is when I look at it the next morning, there are some BRILLIANT answers to some of my problems there!

Write it down

Lastly, go find a few friends to have a little fun with.  Start playing games with a group, invite a few people over, get the Scrabble game out and go to town!

“Find a few friends.”

There are all kinds of board games we used to play when we were kids that are still fun to play.  There are card games and dice games.  You just need a couple or three friends to play with.

Also if you like wine, have a glass an hour or two before bed.  Not the 32 ounce tumbler, just a normal sized 5 to 6 oz glass.


It relaxes you and kinda takes the edge off the day.  Just remember, you aren’t alone in this world.  Whatever ailments you have, other people have suffered also.  Those other people may have some advice for handling it.

Cruise ship

“Remember, you are the director of your own cruise.”

So make it what you want it to be.  Just don’t let NEGATIVE people on your boat.  Let the ones who want to have fun, laugh, and play, on it.  And let the conversation follow the fun in life, not your failing health.

If you feel you need a little extra boost, maybe try some supplements from Amazon.  Make sure to stay with known brands, as some off brands can contain illegal and dangerous additives such as lead, and amphetamines.  A good brand is Centrum Silver.

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