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How do the experts find keywords for website success?

Funny you should ask! There is a website with a free starter membership, just for that, and I am going to help you through the process of finding a few keywords.

Do I need any tools for this process?

Yes, you will need at a minimum, a FREE subscription to The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. The images I’ll be showing you are from my Jaaxy PRO account. Yours will be slightly different as you’ll have the free membership dashboard. After you are comfortably signed up, you have your coffee cup full and you’ve logged into your free subscription, it’s time to do a little keyword research.

Starting at the top, the upper left-hand corner of the dashboard has a search bar in it.

find keywords for website

The first thing you’ll want to do is type in the main idea of your website, page, or post. Maybe you are promoting baby strollers or, fishfinders, or even fossils, it doesn’t matter, the process is the same in order to find keywords for website success. So input your main idea and hit enter.

Can the experts walk me through this?

I’ll walk you through the process using the baby stroller idea.

find keywords for website

As you can see under the AVG column, there are 3076 searches a month for just that phrase. If your were to make it to the front page of the search engines, you could expect to get 523 visitors to your site, the TRAFFIC column. The QSR is the number of websites who use that phrase and are your competition, in this case 138.

The SEO value, a number between 0 and 100 is at 81. This is an okay number but is a little low. The competition is a little high, so 523 is an awesome amount of traffic but you’ll start out on page 14, without taking into consideration all the paid ads the experts have that will be competing against you as well. So we’ll scan down and see if there is any “low hanging fruit” find keywords for website

And sure enough, we have the “baby stroller reviews” a few lines down. Less traffic, but LESS COMPETITION! Also, even farther down, if you are promoting strollers AND car seats, there is an EXCELLENT keyword with that phrase. Competition is only 37 and the SEO rating is 93. That’s a good example of a great keyword, and the term we call, the “low hanging fruit”.

What about the other keywords for website success the experts mentioned.

Now, let’s do another quick example using “fishfinders”, and we’ll expand upon our technique as we go through it.

find keywords for website

So we plug “fishfinder” into our Jaaxy keyword research tool and we find that it’s still only an average keyword, now I want to show you what happens by just adding one letter. This may not be available in the free membership so I will show you here what I’m speaking of.

Over on the left-hand side of the list, you can see the blank checkboxes. If you click the one by your favorite keyword, then go to the top of the list, you can save all of your favorite keywords. I saved fishfinder and fishfinders so we could compare the two, and look at the difference adding one letter, the “s”, makes.

find keywords for website

Look at the difference in the number of monthly searches each one garnered. This is a prime example of how much one letter will change the results. But we still didn’t find our “low hanging fruit” for this inquiry.

This time I decided to add “reviews” to the mix, so let’s see what we come up with. “Fishfinder reviews” is still low on the SEO rating, and the competition is a little high for expecting 10 visits per month.

Back to the search, again. I decided instead of expanding upon fishfinders, I would add a couple of words before the keyword, the phase “top rated”, and look what I found, two awesome keywords right at the top.

find keywords for website

So don’t forget that you can add appropriate words after your main idea, or you can add words before it.

Looking at the values, you could write a post for either one and expect to get on the front page of the search engines fairly easily and garner close to 15 searches a month. If you were using the first term without a space in fishfinder, your competition would only be 16 other websites. As you improved your post, and the search engines recognized your site as a legitimate site, you could move up quickly.  Notice by adding a space in “fish finders”, the monthly searches went up by 10 but the competition went up by close to 50.  Which would be a better keyword?  Do most bloggers put a space between those words?

The Jaaxy Introduction Video:

How can 15 visits a month be adequate?

A word about that 15 searches a month. First off, your post will actually be loaded with keywords naturally, that even the experts don’t realize, and being high on the search rank will make those other keywords, which the experts didn’t even know they ranked under, more relevant as the website is trusted more.

Secondly, as you write more posts and rank for those also, your traffic goes up with each post you publish. 10 posts getting 15 visits apiece per month ends up being 150 people a month to your site. As you are expanding your reach with SEO, social media, and other avenues, the website ends up with 1000’s of visits a month.

If you are interested in trying out the Jaaxy keyword tool to find keywords for website success, check out my review of Jaaxy here!

==>Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review<==

Leave me a comment below, did you have success with Jaaxy?


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